February 9, 2018, Arian Noma decided to take a leap of faith and run for Okanogan County Prosecutor.  Arian is campaigning against an acting incumbent who inherited the job of Prosecutor from Karl F. Sloan who abandoned his post and tour prior to the completion of his elected term.  

A former Assistant State’s Attorney in Baltimore City and rural Carroll County, Maryland, Arian prosecuted thousands of misdemeanors and felonies.  He holds the mantra of not just being “tough on crime” but more importantly, “smart on crime.” Throughout his career, Arian stayed true to his stance of administering criminal justice fairly and equally no matter the defendant’s sex, race, occupation, or influence. 

Arian has gained invaluable experience with regards to prosecution while learning defense strategies and tactics while serving as a defense attorney in Washington, Maryland, and Washington, DC.  As a defense litigator, he gained priceless education learning many defense tactics, while working closely with the Office of the Public Defender of Maryland and the Criminal Justice Act Panel in the Washington D.C. Superior Court.  As a litigator, he both prosecuted and defended persons in the criminal system, and rounded out his prosecutorial experience by learning the tactics of most defense attorneys.    


Arian E. Noma

Attorney at Law,
Prosecutorial Candidate